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Happy Feet Hatchery offers our customers several different breeds. Each breed has different characteristics, habits, as well as care and feeding requirements. Our customers needs are all different, and many want to obtain their “Happy Feet” at different stages of the growth cycle. The below Breed Pricing Table displays the Breed Type and Number of Weeks Old. 

Breed Types We Carry

Buff Orpingtons Ι Rhode Island Reds Ι Wheaten Ameracaunas Ι Black Copper Maran Ι Buff Brahmas I Salmon Faverolles I Cream Legbar I Olive Egger I Red Star (Sex-Link) Ι English Chocolate Orpingtons

Welsummer Chicks
Breed Pricing By Age

Availability and pricing are always subject to change. Please call us at (407) 733-4427 for more information. Current Availability Can Be Found Here.

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