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English Chocolate Orpingtons

These VERY RARE and super fluffy beauties would make an absolutely stunning addition to any flock! These gorgeous birds sport the most beautiful chocolate plumage that can be so dark it appears black, but in the sun their beautiful mocha brown feather coloring really shows! Our Chocolate Orpingtons have such calm, gentle, sweet, and friendly dispositions. They are good layers, are known for going broody and are a very quiet breed.

Notice their name is not simply “Chocolate Orpingtons.” English Orpingtons differ from the American Orpington mainly in appearance. The main noticeable difference is their body size and feathering. English Orpingtons sport a broader chest size and looser feathering making them appear larger, but shorter as the feathering covers their legs as well. This feathering helps them withstand colder temperatures with ease too.

Overall, a spectacular bird that would make a great addition to any flock!

They are currently available in small quantities while we grow our flock. Purchase amount is 3 max per person at this time.

English Chocolate Orpingtons

English Chocolate Orpingtons Characteristics

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