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Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles is a French breed of Chicken. The breed was developed in the 1860’s in north-central France, in the villages of Houdan and Faverolles. The breed was given the name of the latter village and the singular is thus also “Faverolles.” Since the final “s” is silent in French, that is only necessary when writing the name.


Faverolles are classified as a heavy breed and have a beard, muffs, feathered feet, and five toes per foot rather than the usual four. Faverolles are well adapted to both confinement and free range.


Although primarily kept as an ornamental and exhibition breed, it remains an excellent layer, as well as a fine meat chicken. The most common color of Faverolles is Salmon of the many varieties. The plumage of Salmon females is mainly brown and creamy white. The males are darker with black, brown and straw colored feathers.


Hens are good layers of medium-sized, light brown-pinkish colored eggs. Some claim that this breed of Rooster is one of the most quiet and Faverolles overall are known for their extreme docility. Because of their gentleness Faverolles have become a popular breed of Chicken to keep as a pet, especially for children. They are also enjoying increasing popularity with people who keep small backyard flocks who favor dual-purpose breeds (meat and eggs). Faverolle hens are considered to be very good layers and a well cared for one will provide at least 4-5 eggs per week.
Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles Characteristics

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