Happy Feet Hatchery Shipping Disclosure

Revised 22 December 2021

Hatching Eggs

1. Please call us directly for a shipping quote, to inquire about Hatching Egg availability, or to place an order. (407) 733-4427. You can find all of our current pricing at HappyFeetHatchery.com.

2. Providing our customers with quality Hatching Egg embryos and ensuring their satisfaction is our number one priority. We package our Hatching Eggs in the most secure way possible for transport to ensure that they make it to you undamaged.

3. We label all of our boxes for shipment containing Hatching Eggs as well as possible in an attempt to educate transport personnel of what is inside the box and in an effort to prevent them from mishandling the precious cargo inside.

4. Please understand that once the package leaves our possession, we have done everything possible to ensure that the Hatching Eggs reach you safely and that by labeling the box the way we do, we have done everything possible to prevent the transport process from adversely affecting the viability of the Hatching Eggs being shipped to you.

5. We candle eggs of every breed weekly to determine fertility rates. If we see that the fertility rate of a particular breed a customer is interested in has declined, we will advise the customer of it. We DO NOT knowingly sell Hatching Eggs that we know or believe to not be fertile.

6. Payment for Hatching Egg order will be accepted at the time the order is placed. Shipping will be included in the total purchase price.

7. If for any reason we are unable to fulfill the order in its entirety, your order may be subject to replacements of a different breed in the same price bracket.

8. In accordance with the United States Postal Service we ship out Hatching Egg orders on Tuesdays ONLY. We will also ensure that any and all shipment arrival times DO NOT fall on or around a holiday.

9. All Hatching Egg orders will be shipped VIA Express Mail and be held at your local Post Office for pick up. The Post Office will call you upon theirĀ arrival.

10. Once you arrive to pick up your Hatching Egg shipment, it is your responsibility to check the condition of the box and to open it and check on the status of the Hatching Eggs contained inside.

A. If any of the Eggs contained inside were damaged during transport, whether the box is damaged or not, you should report it to the Clerk there at your local Post Office. File a claim for your losses with them at that time.

11. Any replacement/refund claims filed with Happy Feet Hatchery must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving your Hatching Egg shipment.

*** Because of conditions beyond our control during transport and incubation, we cannot guarantee hatchability of any eggs we sell.

If you have questions about these Shipping Conditions, please contact us at:

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