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Happy Feet Hatchery is more than able to ship your one (1) Day old Chicks and Hatching Eggs. Our shipping containers are specifically designed to ensure the safe delivery of your product. Please be sure to read our Shipping Disclaimer before ordering. Availability and Pricing is also subject to change. Current pricing is available below and you can also download or pricing and shipping information in PDF Format.

Shipped chicks do undergo more stress than chicks purchased and transported locally. Shipped chicks undergo a prolonged period of no heat which is the main cause in their mortality rate being increased. It is not strange for one or two of the perfectly healthy chicks shipped to you to not survive the shipping process. Please keep this in mind as we do not knowingly ship unhealthy chicks. Read Our Complete Shipping Disclosure Here.

**All orders ship out on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s and all orders must be placed a week prior to shipping. Customers must call for availability on day old chicks as well as hatching eggs.

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